Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Women in philosophy

At the Central APA in April, I was part of a panel on women in philosophy ("Why are Women only 21% of Philosophy?"). The other panelists were Elizabeth Minnich, Sally Haslanger, and Abigail Stewart (who was unable to be there, so Sally read her paper). Berit Brogaard at Lemmings has blogged about this session here and a post on critical mass of women in executive positions at Feminist Philosophers reminds me of it tonight. Sally Haslanger's paper from that session is linked through this post as well and also can be found here along with other information about women in philosophy. For those who are interested in this topic, my paper is available here.

I would really like to recommend Haslanger's paper. It contains recommendations that I also endorse. Among these are suggestions for "disrupting bias". For instance, she recommends that established feminist philosophers submit work to "mainstream" journals, make reference to feminists in their work, and use the terms "feminism" and "feminist" in their work.

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