Monday, February 27, 2012

Philosophy's Blind Spot

I just received a promo textbook for teaching Intro to Phil. It contains 34 excerpts from primary texts. Five of those cover Hinduism and Buddhism. One of them is by a woman--a literary theorist writing about feminist aesthetics. Well, the world's population includes a whole lot of Hindus and Buddhists.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who Works for the APA?

OK, so another complaint about the APA, its website, etc. is of course redundant. Who doesn't complain about the APA?

Nonetheless, filling out my membership renewal provokes me even to the point of blogging for the first time in months.

First of all, I'm late renewing. It's February, and the conference programs for the conference almost two months hence have already been sent out. I assume I can't get one at this point. But then again, would I carry the thing across the country or would I just access the program electronically?

And there's more. After years of requests, the APA is finally collecting demographic data on its members. The form asks, for instance, about AOS and gender. It also asks about about employment status, and the options are: adjunct, part-time, tenured, and visiting. Eh? Who made this up? Somehow, the fact that the form has a place to mark a special interest in Logic makes it even more frustrating that this list is incomplete. I suppose the logical thing to do is to leave it blank, since I'm tenure track and hence none of the above.