Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Philosophy of Science Course Blog

This past quarter, I experimented with my philosophy of science class by devoting a large percentage of class time (about 1/3) to student presentations on problems in the special sciences. 

What a success! I had a great time, the presentations were fascinating, and we all learned a lot.

Please visit our jointly produced blog--Planet Paradigm--to see the results! It's a treasure trove of links on interesting topics in philosophy of science. There's hardly a monster that we don't cover: zombies, two-headed dogs, bigfoot, and destructive microscopic black holes.

A footnote: my dependence on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy grows year by year!


Brandon said...

That did turn out beautifully! Did you offer any further instructions or incentives for posting on the blog beyond that in the syllabus, or did you find that, given that there was already a project underlying the group blog posts, that that was enough? Because it came out on the blog very nicely; students obviously put a lot of effort into it.

Rachel Bates said...

How about these science cartoons?

There are many good ones on Vadlo search engine http://vadlo.com/cartoons.php?id=1.