Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New blog and cfp: Evolution, Environment, Responsible Knowledge

Yes, yes, as soon as sabbatical is over, I will cut down on blog-reading (and novel-reading, and newspaper-reading, alas...), but in the meantime, what an interesting blog and cfp, yes? Yes:

Evolution, the Environment, and Responsible Knowledge

As Sharon Crasnow once wrote in a mighty good book review, truth-seeking and political endeavor are not mutually exclusive alternatives:
The investigation of power relations, the role of the political, social, and cultural in the search for truth and understanding, is one of feminist philosophy's key features, one that it shares with a number of other philosophical traditions, including pragmatism. That it is worth investigating how the political can hinder or aid our understanding of the world and our place
in it is a presupposition of feminist philosophy.

Certainly the politically informed endeavor to ascertain and value the truth is also a hallmark of environmental inquiry. I continue to ponder these dual roles as I prepare for the fall semester's teaching of, simultaneously, a logic class, a seminar on environmental and holistic philosophies, and a class on feminist philosophy.

Go check out the new blog!

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