Tuesday, July 08, 2008

APA Membership

I received a notice for renewing my APA membership in the mail. Yes, the U.S. mail. Every other organization I belong to sends an e-mail with a link for online renewal. And has been doing it that way for years. With the smaller organizations, I pay through PayPal. I mean, this is the era of people working at home, making wine bottle racks in the garage or sewing cloth diapers while the baby naps, and selling them online. Anyone can do it.

Anyone, but not philosophers. I renewed with the APA by return mail. I see now that it is possible to renew online. But not easy, and there's a bug. Do you remember your Member ID? And if you want to join for the first time, better go find a stamp.You do have some, don't you?

A proposed new game: timed trials at finding meaningful information on the APA website. It's like a scavenger hunt, but takes longer and ends in despair.

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