Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Promoting Thought

Late in 2007 MIT announced that materials for practically all of their courses are available online at MITOpenCourseware, including philosophy courses designed and taught by Sally Haslanger, Rae Langton, Stephen Yablo, Joshua Cohen and others.

The LATimes recently wrote about philosophy course downloads available through iTunes U, and featured Hubert Dreyfus as an academic celebrity.

I like to grouse about the misuse of metaphysics, but philosophers giving open lectures are an antidote!

Thanks to Laurie Shrage for the pointer.

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Khadimir said...

I've listened to the most part of a few of Dreyfus' classes on the classics and existentialism (and many others as well). I love the idea; I've been able to gain some of the liberal arts education that I never had. Philosophers should be careful, however, for I discovered that Dreyfus constantly drops extremely controversial views on his students without telling them how controversial they are.