Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Women Philosophers Website

Kate Lindemann has done some impressive work in setting up a website honoring women who have made contributions to philosophy throughout history and around the globe, from ancient times to the present. The Women Philosophers website chronicles the history of women in philosophy. It gives information about their lives and their works. Many excerpts are included, as well as links to websites with additonal or related information. This site is a magnificent resource for researchers, students, teachers, and others who are interested in the important role that women have played in intellectual history.

The research that went into this website is especially appreciated because the list of notable women in history goes beyond the few that are commonly mentioned as figures of the European Renaissance and Enlightenment, such as Christine de Pisan, Princess Christina of Sweden, and Olympe de Gouges. The women that are included expressed their thoughts not only through discursive writing but also through stories, plays, and poems.

The Women Philosophers website also solicits suggestions for other philosophers who may be included on the site and research about them. You can learn about contributing here.

Many thanks to Dr. Lindemann for setting up this resource!

An interview with Kate Lindemann at the Florida Student Philosophy Blog.


Dr. JAM said...

Kate is one of my sheros. She will be presenting her work at the Women & Society conference at marist College this Oct. 26-27. For more info visit:

ciao, jam

Evelyn Brister said...

Dr. Jam, That conference looks like it will be fabulous!
I think upstate New York colleges and universities have a lot of feminist and women's resources. It's a good place to live!
Kate has mentored me long distance and has been tremendously supportive of women in philosophy--not just by her research on women in history.