Monday, September 23, 2013


The list of reasons I don't blog like I used to is lengthy! The number of things I'd rather do than spend time on my computer is a larger than your human mind can conceive. Blogging was a great way to grow my confidence and fluency as a writer--a few years ago the original intention was achieved and now I'd rather write on my research projects than send these transient words into the ether. I've also been known to say that blogging is passé--post-Tumblr, post-Twitter, if it can't be expressed with merely a wink and a non-linguistic guttural sound, then it's too complex a thought for anyone else to process anyway. And besides, with Salon, HuffingtonPost, Slate, and the Atlantic begging anyone with a pulse to provide them with content, why write on a site all by your lonesome?

Nonetheless, I'm sure glad that others have the fortitude of spirit to keep trying, and here are two I'll be keeping my eye on:


Hopeless Generalist

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