Friday, August 06, 2010

Women in Politics: Not Even in Fantasyland

I just received a brochure from my county elections board about the newly required Sequoia "Imagecast" electronic voting machine. It will replace the mechanical devices that many counties in New York state have used for decades. Those old-fashioned lever machines have the drawback that they don't record individual votes for recounts, but they also have distinct advantages, such as their simplicity of use, not permitting overvoting, and having some of the lowest error rates of any voting method.

Oh, but that rant was off-topic!

On said brochure, there is an illustration of how to fill in a circle next to a candidate's name. The imaginary candidates are:
  • Neil Diamond
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Luther Vandros [sic!]
  • Pink Floyd
  • Toby Keith
The hidden message? Women are as unlikely to succeed in politics as in the music industry.

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