Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reminders for a Good Year

At the Feminist Philosophers blog, Jenny Saul reminds us of ten easy things to keep in mind to support inclusive, vibrant philosophical communities. Here's the summary but these make the most sense with Jenny's explanations and the insightful follow-up of the many commenters--so do click through.

1. inclusivity in speaker invitations
2. calling out gender exclusion at conferences or where you see it
3. inclusivity in edited volumes and other invitations
4. include women on your syllabus.
(Oh dear, this seems like it should be the easiest of all but has given me headaches in the past. Now I have a decent collection of article pdf's I can use, even for classes like Modern, where I include women by adding contemporary commentaries to the more typical course.)
5. include women in other curricular matters (prelims, discussion groups, etc.)
6. educate about the psychology of implicit bias, particularly for job searches
7. urge anonymous refereeing
8. acknowledge women's contributions and help
9. acknowledge women. I.e., make eye contact, listen, include in conversations.
10. and again, and again, and again, educate about implicit bias, where it happens, how it happens, and what its effects are.

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