Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Well Does the APA Serve Our Needs?

Yikes. Spiros just about hits the nail on the head. I didn't think that the APA website could be any more poorly designed, difficult to navigate, or just plain ugly. I was wrong--here's a proposed new version.

The design is bad enough. The content makes me hang my head. How useful is it to anyone to post "data on the profession" that covers

— job placement from 1982-2002 (why does the data stop 5 years ago?),
— gender and race data just for 1991-1996 (over a decade ago!), and
— information on degrees awarded from 1949-1994 ??!!

Most of this data comes from free, public government sources and is available up through 2006. Heck, I've even posted some of it here and here.

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